The Dalén Museum

The Dalén Museum, housed in the lovely old courthouse in Gustaf Dalén's birthplace, Stenstorp in the Swedish province of Västergötland, opened in June 1996. The museum was initiated by the Gustaf Dalén Society assisted by the County Museum in Skara and with financial support mainly from AGA AB and Falköping municipality. At the Dalén Museum the visitor can become acquainted both with Gustaf Dalén's life, from childhood via the lighthouse technology inventions, the accident and the Nobel Prize to his years as one of Sweden's most respected and successful captains of industry. Gustaf Dalén and his successors were responsible for a long line of technical and industrial achievements which can also be studied in the museum. Naturally the AGA lighthouses are here but also other products and inventions dating from the first half of the 20th century. The AGA Car, the AGA Cooker, welding technology and medical equipment, railway and traffic signals, as well as the history of Swedish gramophones, radios and television sets. The Dalén Museum also houses a complete movie theater from the 1920s.

The museum is open to the public. For information about opening hours, please contact The Dalén Museum, tel. +46 500 45 71 65 or Information Falköping, tel. +46 515 137 50.

Anyone who would like to know more about the activities of the Gustaf Dalén Society is welcome to contact The Dalén Museum, S-520 50 Stenstorp, Sweden, tel. +46 500 45 71 65.
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