AGA 1904 - 2000

AGA’s history spans nearly a century of creative, technical progress and international expansion. Since July 1, 2000 all AGA's operations are integrated in Linde Gas.

AGA began as a company based around the opportunities offered by the fairly new acetylene gas. Gustaf Dalén’s brilliant inventions within lighthouse technology – recognized by the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1912 – marked the start of a broader development within a number of areas.
From its four foundations - the flashing apparatus, the sun valve, the Dalén mixer and the AGA compound -AGA developed over time highly diversified operations, from signal systems, cars, welding equipment, radiators and film apparatus to defense electronics, radio/TV and medical equipment.
The company’s operations were streamlined at the end of the 1970s and AGA today is a highly specialized gas company with development and applications expertise within a number of areas such as food technology, medicine, welding, environmental conservation, metallurgy, the process chemical industry, and electronics.
The company’s operations encompass the whole of industry and large areas of the world.